Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Favorite Season...

      I've always loved summer best of all, but right now, autumn has a strong hold on me, so like a little kid, this is my favorite. (for now anyway!)
       My writing friends are much to blame for my change of heart.
       Tami Wight and her family hosted our annual Fall Schmooze at Poland Spring Campground. Even though most of us only see each other once or twice a year, we've bonded in friendship and writing critique buddies. Before we get down to the business of writing we literally schmooze with pizza, wine, and plain ole catching up. Our guest for this fall was Sarah Dotts Barley, editor, Harper Collins....she's the cute blonde closest to you on the left. Then from left to right are dear dear writer friends,
Cindy Faughnan, Jo Knowles, Valarie Giogas, and Tami Wight.

    Saturday was a different story. It was truly a work day. Each of us brings a writing project to read. Then we take turns commenting, jotting notes, critiquing the piece. Jeanne Bracken has been our trusty timekeeper pretty much since we've  been getting together.  I kid you not, this is serious business!!!
 But we have to eat, right!?!? Besides being awesome writers and critiquers and supportive friends, we can cook. This year we had focaccia, mac and cheese, chili, caprese salad, home baked rolls, veggies, whoopie pies, raspberry bars, and much much more!!!!! And we always have to call someone in to take the group photo, always in front of the bookcase in the Poland Spring Room. Here we are-Font row: Mary Morton Cowan, Tami Wight, Sara Barley, Back row: Me,  Anna Boll, Denise Ortakales, Cindy Faugnan, Jeanne Bracken, Jo Knowles

Then I had to leave while the others continued working. Off to a nephew's wedding, practically right in my own back yard. The autumn colors enhanced the beautiful fall day.
Sunday afternoon was an apple picking kind of day with girlfriends. The orchards are open and the trees are heavy laden with so many varieties of crisp delicious apples. I picked Macs, Cortland, Red and Golden delicious. There are other varieties at different orchards around. The more I pick the more I have to bake!!!!
Then on Monday, my sister-in-law and I went on a glorious kayaking venture. The water was calm and crystal clear. I had to shoot was like the sky fell down, Henny Penny...look here, the clouds are in the water.

 We kept going and going and going-3miles up river and 3 miles back...and stopped to visit an old friend who lives along the way. We called her while paddling and she came down to her dock to chat while we stayed put in the kayaks.
  ...and one more glimpse of who we saw along the way-

      Now it's time for me to open up my WIP and get busy writing. I'm being held accountable since I signed up to Jonowrimo, a writing challenge that Jo Knowles puts out to writer friends.
       Have a happy day- I guess I can't worry about favorite seasons. See what I've found around me already, in just a few days of fall.

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