Thursday, October 13, 2011


Life is full of choices-some are over the edge Big and some are simply every day-mundane. ‘What am I having for lunch? Should I go to town today or stay home? Should I play my turn on a word game on my computer or turn the other way and write? Today, right now anyway, I choose to stay home, have shrimp rolls for lunch, check a game move and write a blog entry. Easy peasy!
I’m going to go around Robin Hood’s barn to get back to this thing about choices. First off,  I’ll tell you about a few of my obsessions- one, being my fascination with the sky. No matter what the color, clouds or no clouds, sun or moon, I have to grab my camera and shoot! Lately it’s been the reds and grays and yellows of pre dawn clouds and the night’s full moon. I not only take the pictures and sometimes post them, but that sky sets me to dreaming-real and fairytalish!

      Another of my obsessions is writing for children, and those of you that know me and the kinds of stories I write, know that there’s usually a bit of non fiction, or true facts, sprinkled into my fictional tales. So I can write about the moon if I feel like it and invent images and throw in a few real things in the mix of words and the truth! 

I research before I insert the facts, so when a friend who knows that I have a full moon story itching to be published, she said, “Yeah, it’s October and it’s the Hunter Moon, right?” 
        Hunter Moon? Well that’s not what I thought. Not how I tell it in my story. So in a bit of a panic this morning, I went back to the Farmer’s Almanac and my friend was right-it is Hunter’s Full Moon, but it is also Harvest Full Moon. Whew! 

                                                                      October 11, 2011  Harvest Moon of October

Okay, so back to the choice and the obsessions and the truth. Truth is, I made the choice to write Harvest in my story moon for October. A moon to dream of gathering rather than stalking and shooting. I have nothing against hunting. It’s what they do around here during the seasons.  But me, in this tale anyway, I want the vision to be of pumpkins and apples and squash. Doesn’t Harvest (Moon) say that to you? And, if by chance you’re questioning that the full moon of September might be the Harvest moon, well that’s true too. But there again, I had choices, so I picked Corn moon.  Just another harvest thought! Tall stalks, mazes, silk, ears, bushel baskets.
        So here I am, ‘fessing up, making choices and telling the truth. And with that, one other little thought. I’m gullible. Oh so gullible and believing of everything you tell me-without question. You tell me, I believe you. Why, you might ask. Some of you know because you know me well, or you’re in the same boat...look a person in the eye, don’t lie and don’t expect them to lie back to you. Simple as that!  
                                                               THE END

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