Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Blogger Entry

I've been wanting to be a Blogger for awhile now. Thus far I'm a Live Journal poster and not so frequent, but today I want to share a Birth Day celebration with all of you... so here goes
 This (not yesterday) is the official release day of my friend Brenda's new book and I'm doing the happy dance as I introduce you to
A fun book with colorful words by Brenda, enhanced by the bright and colorful illustrations of David Slonin, produced byMarshall Cavendish. And if that isn't enough for them to celebrate, Scholastic book clubs will feature Turkeys in all their book orders...Truly, dreams do come true in author land!
I have  my copy...hand delivered and signed by Brenda herself!!!  You can visit her at
and see what's going on in turkey land-visits, readings, partys!!!!!!!
All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS to you my friend Brenda!

***Do you love a contest? Well then Gobble Gobble Gobble on over to Brenda's Face Book page and sign up to win two copies of 10 Turkeys in the Road-one for you and one for your favorite hospital. Sign up at Brenda Reeves Sturgis FB page - read the rules, but here's a little reminder. Don't forget to put the word Gobble and the title of the book in you entry.

Now I'll ask you to  bear with me my friends while I keep trying to get this Blogger thing under control. I'll be adding links and other good things as time goes on. I follow many of your blogs so will add them when I get my wits about me..with me, all this "stuff" takes time!

Let's dance, dance, dance,  and join Brenda's book contest and release party!!!!!!

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