Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter of Merit - and in my case, Encouragement!

Yes, my Letter of Merit from the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators came, finally! I say that, but it was so perfectly timed with the online edition of the society's newsletter. It looks from the date that
it sat awhile in an outbox, but that's okay...it came! I've read the meaningful words over and under and inside out!  "promise and creativity - extra recognition  - extra creativity - my manuscript!!!YEAH!!!!!! (sorry I couldn't hold that shout out back!)
And then on another sweet note, I won a critique from the wonderful children's author, Tara Lazar. How? Well it was actually by default, but honest default! I sent the most writers over to her site for her picture book story premise contest...and now to announce the winner... my friend Valarie Giogas won the contest. YeeHaw Val!!! We'll be seeing each other soon so we can dance a bit together!
     Our Schmooze at Poland Spring Campground is coming right up. It's a small gathering of children's writers where we work, play, eat, play....Actually, Saturday is a structured working day where we sit around and have timed sessions of reading and critiquing of each others work. Before and after are our social time....you know, sociable writers!!!!! It's always fun, rewarding, and a learning experience. I'll post more later on, maybe with a few photos too.
      I love to post photos that I've taken so I'll leave you with this....September, 2011's Harvest Moon
     Sorry...this should have been posted yesterday but somehow I "filed" it. I will get used to Blogger!

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