Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caught Out In The Rain

     "I love a rainy day!" Truly I do-especially a warm summer shower.  Sometimes I forget to use the weather factors in my stories, but was reminded last Friday of how the unexpected downpour can create a twist and a bit of added adventure to a sunny day.
   Mr Weatherman got it completely wrong when he predicted about the hottest, sunniest day of the month. Sherry and I loaded the kayaks and went to Camden Harbor. It was foggy, but the sun was going to break out at any moment-right?!?!?! Curtis Island was straight ahead, and easy paddle, but something we forgot or didn't realize, is that it was Schooner days in Camden, so we had to slow down to let a few of the big guys pass on their way out of the harbor.

 This isn't a black and white photo, it's natural gray and gray-we still kept looking for sun!
It was an easy paddle to Curtis Island Lighthouse. We parked the kayaks, walked up the steps and walked the trail around the island, overlooking the ocean from every angle. Our bonus was seeing the schooners floating below-breathtaking!

We felt drizzle on our arms, but knew the sun was playing games with us and hiding behind the clouds. Not to worry, right!
We plan to do this same little paddle again, soon, if anyone wants to join us. For my writer friends, that join me online, do you feel the day? Can you put this unexpected weather in one of your stories? I can, and I guess maybe I should because rain has followed me around this past week. It could be a sign!(it's really pouring right now as I write this)
   We went to the fair! My husband and I love to go to Blue Hill fair on the Sunday of Labor Day week-end. This time, Mr Weatherman did predict possible light showers, so I tucked my little i pod in my pocket, just- in- case. Well the 'just- in- case' happened. My husband sits in the grandstand and watches the horse and oxen pulling. This year, I spent more time sitting there next to him, than usual. It poured, things were postponed for almost 2 hours. I read 22 chapters of a friend's manuscript that she'd asked me to. Here are a few shots of the action when it took place.
 Rain!!!!     The "pit" crew stretched out tarps, while the it belted down. I stayed dry and read.
The horseman son competed against his horseman father
                                      Dad and his horses won the pull.

                                  An unusual breed of steers with a new style of pulling.
 And the up and coming teamster. A seven year old learning to lead and manage her pair of steers.

     Here on the home front, I've been reading, rewriting and tweaking already written manuscripts. I promised myself that I'd make a folder of suggestions, websites, participants, etc, and work on at least one thing a day to prepare for Rutger's Children's Writers Literature Conference.  Writer friends who've been before have offered advice and ideas and ways to be ready.
    Tara Lazar is going to be a keynote at the conference. Can't wait to meet her in person. Here's something she posted on her blog that's been a driving factor, the last few days, in my revision frenzie. Whether you're going to RUCCL or another conference, or writing for kids, this advice is sound. You may say that you know about the power of 3, but Tara expands the power and shares her thoughts here:

Now for my cheerleading this week-
Online friend, Carole Brooks has found her dream agent, the lovely Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary. Congratulations Carole and Karen!

Happy Days everyone.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Mona! I will see you next month at Rutgers!

  2. You're welcome, Tara. Getting myself ready, day by day!
    Your blog helps.

  3. Hazel,
    I know that you spend time on a windjammer and love them. Also know that you had a fantastic time at Highlights workshop. Hard to choose sometimes, isn't it?

  4. What a fun day. Rutgers is going to be grand, Mona! And how wonderful for Carole Brooks to have Karen Grencik as her agent!

  5. Thanks, Joanna,
    Life is full of grand things for many of us.

  6. Thank you, Mona, for the cheers. So kind of you. Hey! And LOOK at YOU! Going to Rutgers! FANTASTIC!

    Ditto Hazel..lovely pics!

  7. Carole
    Rah, rah rah!!!!! Cheers to you...and one or two for my acceptance.
    We're in this together!!!

  8. Love the photos and am so excited for your Rutger's opportunity!

  9. thanks, Penny,
    I know you're excited for me.