Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Good News!!!

  ****  news- I swiped the SASE out of my husbands hand and tore it open thinking that my check would fall out, as it did last year. It didn't happen, so I tipped the envelope and it didn't happen but my heard started to thump, Thump, THUMP! My hands shook while I looked at the letter-my acceptance to RUCCL!!! (Rutgers University Council on Children's Literature). ...Am I excited?!?!?! YES!
 I had my sister-in-law Sherry on call, just in case I got in, to drive me to New Brunswick, NJ in October. I'm such a whimp about driving. I let Sherry off the hook when I found out that one of my writer friends, Joyce Shur Johnson, made it in too. And, one of my online friends will be there too. Can't wait to meet Sheri Dillard, and speaker/author, Tara Lazar, and "everyone" else. I'm doing the happy happy dance again.
                       (grabbed this out of my photos!-We dance in the streets too, rain or shine!)

My writing thoughts have been going back to last year's mid grade that I didn't finish. I'm nearly finished with the boy one that I will complete, but Amethyst keeps calling. So, my friend Molly and I took a little ride to Avena Botanicals in Rockport, ME ( and leisurely strolled the garden paths, rubbing, sniffing, identifying the easy plants and flowers, and trying to identify others. When we were walked out, we spent a longer time in the store, looking at products and reading their goodness in the free catalog. Lovely names like Moon Ease and Wise Woman's Tonic.  And I learned that Sacred Basil is not the same thing as pesto basil, and I love African sunflower.
**** news- Two of my other writing friends, Tamra Wight and Brenda Reeves Sturgis met with their new editor, Melissa Kim from Islandport Press, right here in Maine. I love love love that they have contracts with a "home town" publishing company. Makes my heart sing for them.

    Now for other kind of  ***news. Our house is being painted for the first time ever-for us. It's an old old farm house with lots of cracks and holes and the original wood doors and brass door knobs. The kids gave us gift certificates for paint and painter man and his painter girl have been here scraping, caulking and filling in clapboards. I can't say the word excited again so I'll try and hold back and tell you what my week-end job was. I painted the (farmer) porch ceiling.  What was I thinking when I said I'd get it done?!?!? I did, but or Lordy!!!! Matchboard jigging and jagging with the paint brush-finished, hallelujah!  With all this house fixer upper stuff, I've given up 2 kayaking trips and Saturday Zumba event. I'm loyal, huh!

       What will this new week bring to my corner of the world? I don't know, but I wish that you each have a week full of joy and adventure.  



  1. How wonderful! I know you'll sip every bit of nectar from that sweet flower, RUCCL!

    Loved your account of the botanical adventure as well.

    Sounds as though it's a wonderful time in your life -- even with the painting!

  2. Beth,
    Thank you.
    I feel fortunate to have been chosen for RUCCL and truly got the surprise factor
    when I opened the envelope! I'm gathering sound bits of advice as to what I should
    take to be prepared for impromptu and scheduled encounters.OMGosh, I'm still excited
    every time I "talk" about it.
    The gardens were and are inspiring. This particular botanical garden that we visited isn't the well manicured, look at these grouped, and labled specimens of like colors and blossoms. It's more the trails winding through jungles of groupings that are used on site to make all the natural wellness potions-which is actually where my mg was partially derived from.
    The painting is so overdue. We have photos of this house in about 1902 that shows it painted-I truly think that was the one and only time.
    Thank you again for letting me share "life" with you.