Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hi-ho Hi-ho It's Off To Camp We Go

Just got home from a writer schmooze week-end, and what a grand week-end it was. You usually see my posts about the schmooze, twice a year-June and September. Tami Wight hosts our event (with her family's support. Thanks Dave, Alex, Ben)
Saturday is our day to work, and we do that all day, except eating time or meet and greet and share news and Hallelujahs from the months' past. This is the first time we've been together since Tami signed on with Islandport Press for her Cooper and Packrat campground mystery, so what better place than "home" to celebrate with morning toast. (not the crunchy kind you spread peanut butter on!) I don't think we've ever started our day with mimosas and it was pretty obvious because most of us weren't sure how to pop the cork, but someone knew how!

Then it was time to work. We read, critique, get critiqued and discuss each one's manuscript. I'm amazed at the writings and talent we have between us.  Our writings ranged from picture books, historical faction, historical verse, mystery, middle grade, young adult and zebras!

 Christy Webster, assistant editor, Random House was our guest editor. She joined our critique circle, and  when all was said and done, rather, when we were all said and done, she shared a presentation with us. I know that I thanked her in person, more than once, but I must SHOUT out again another BIG Thank You to her for making arrangements to come to Maine, with only a few days notice. Our scheduled editor had an accident and couldn't make it, so while I'm thanking, I must say a loud and clear Thank You to Katherine Harrison, assistant editor, Alfred Knof for finding a replacement. Get better Katherine (this is from all the Schmoozers)

Yup, I look out the window sometimes.

 This photo is an annual event. The group shot in front of the campground book case.
 At night, we sat around the campfire with the campers. Coop is toasting  a marshmallow for Jeanne
 Psssssst, tell you a secret.  See the "big" guy sitting on the right of Anna-....he's in the book!!!!!!!

 A Sunday morning walk to the lake before heading home. Kayaks waiting to be "put up" til next season.
 This is Tami's inspiration island for "the" book.
Oh dear, on my way. So insipired. So psyched to rework my story. So fortunate to have supportive writing friends. My heart's doing the happy dance.



  1. Great post Mona! The fireside pictures came out amazingly clear!
    Thanks for being a great roommate! Hope you are snuggly warm at home!

  2. I'm snuggly warm. Hub had a little wood fire going!!!
    How about you? You aired out a bit?

  3. Oh! Sounds like all of you got some good work done. Now for the rewrites. I just love my monthly critique group that meets in the library. No professionals though. But we're good. :)

  4. You're lucky to have monthly meet ups, and I bet you are good!
    This is a bonus for me, a few time yearly. We're good too!
    I "see" my online writing buddies daily-we're good too!!!!!

  5. Oh it looks like so much fun, Mona! What a great group to be a part of!

  6. It was fun Penny, I'm in love with all my groups!

  7. Sounds like a lovely time, Mona, and so beautiful! Fantastic that you got an editor to come!

  8. It was a lovely working time. So much support and honest to Pete critiquing. Yes, we are fortunate to have had an editor join us. Especially thankful that Christy was able to come on such short notice.
    We've been lucky to have had an editor come each fall for quite awhile now. We started by cold asking at the NE conference one year. Now we get referrals from others and have had good luck arranging for one to come each year.

  9. It was a lovely time, wasn't it?? I miss you already and you've only been gone a matter of days. ;0)

  10. It was! I know...missing you too.