Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's The Weather Got To Do With Things?

      I hate that we have to place blame anytime something doesn't go right, but today as I post, I must say that all the blame goes on Mother Nature for the not so good and the good
      It's maple syrup Sunday here in Maine and the not so good is that there wasn't one sugar shack open for business in our county. Why???? Because we've had a week of this kind of weather. It's still March and this is Maine. (shhhh..I've been kind of loving it!)

 The sap runs when the days are warm and the nights are below freezing so my neighbors didn't get much of nature's gold. This is the little house last year.

But this year,  no sap, no syrup, no crowds in our neighborhood. And the bottom line,  no $$$$ for those that depend on making a good part of their living in winter and spring.
   On another twist of Mother Nature's mood we got these-
      And it was the "Mother" that helped me get over the wall and out of my writing slump. Today it's been rainy for real, but my story got heavy showers the other day and my juices started flowing again.  It's really affecting my poor main character though. I know that if he were a real live kid, he'd probably pop me and run away. But he can't put himself in another setting. I'm keeping him in my neighborhood and watching his every move. He can blame me for the recent messes he's gotten into but I am going to say it's Mother Nature. She gave me rain. It was right here in front of me all the time. I know...simple. And this is simple and just a reminder for my writer friends. Look around you-what do you feel, what do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell, what do you taste? All right so try closing your eyes and asking the same questions. Use your senses...use common sense.
    Have a great week. I've got to visit with my "boy" and see where we'll take each other.


  1. Great reminders to use the inspirations of daily life around us! Thank you.

    Enjoy where your "boy" takes you this week!

  2. Thanks, Beth.
    You're writing a mg too, aren't you?