Monday, April 9, 2012

Honey I'm Home

I know I missed posting last week. Did anyone notice?!?!? We were in St. Augustine checking out our son's FL home. I was in glory land enjoying the beach and being inspired every morning before we went on our other daily adventures.  Here's an early morning sunrise on St Augustine Beach on Anastasia Island.
...and the chair I bought to relax, read and write in after I took my power walk along the beach. That's my bag of writing tricks under the chair! 
Zumba friends, I thought of you too. I didn't dance, but while I walked, I held my shoulders back and tightened the middle, and thought core, core, core! And neighbors and friends, I never talked as much on my cell phone especially while beach walking-thanks for the calls. 

 I wrote and critiqued pages by the pool too.

David and Ed were our tour guides. With almost every turn, I surprisingly found "signs" that related to many of the stories I'm working on. I truly feel like they mean something. My critique buddies will know what I'm talking about when I show them this once-upon-a-time moat. Not around a castle. It was around the historical fort, but a moat, nevertheless! Then there were the crocodiles on another venture and a black bear too... la la la la....

the moat

and a full moon!!!
What do you think my dear writer buddies? Do you believe in the signs? I'm still feeling the weird connection to all of these intrusions that just happened to be there during my vacation. A good weird!

This tourist also found the fountain of youth. Did I drink from it? You bet. I dumped it over my head and jumped in the magical waters, so wait 'til you see the new me! Okay, so I lie, but sounded pretty good. I did drink a glass of the stuff because I was dry, but that was it. A girl can dream and pretend.

David and I climbed the 215 steps up to the top of the historical lighthouse. Just happened to be near the top when these school kids were going down and around and down and around and down and around! Pretty cool seeing one red shirt following another.

A fitting last photo- sunset on the beach.
Much thanks to David Pease and Ed Tobolski for a glorious week. We landed home on Easter Sunday afternoon, just in time to enjoy the rest of our family for Easter feast.

All I can say is dream, walk in the sunshine and enjoy your journey, no matter where it may take you.


  1. Hey Mona,
    We were in St. A's last month! Saw the fort and fountain of youth, too! Could you believe how short Ponce De Leon was? What a pip squeak! Hah.


  2. He was! How'd you like the hotel/college? What a lovely campus.

  3. JUlie, thanks-it was fabulous.

  4. We missed you, but I don't think you missed us. :) Looked like a wonderful trip.