Monday, January 9, 2012

There's so much to learn...

Did you know that January's full moon is the Wolf Moon?  Native Americans used each month's full moon to identify the seasons.  
Or, did you know that if you delete all of your pictures, by mistake, from your photo card, there's a recovery program that will restore them? It was a sad day when my friend said she deleted all of her grand daughter's Christmas photos. I was talking about it with another friend and we both said at the same time-"Google"! And guess what???? The photos are back and they are priceless!!!!

I'm a naturally curious person so I'm forever searching and researching and asking question. Yesterday, I went to our local library and sat with a high school boy with a list of questions about my MAC. Poor kid is probably wondering why he ever offered to help people with their computer problems!!!

I'm excited to say that my muse is staying with me. I've talked to my boy character and he's not excited about the Stripper Clippers I bought for him. I've got to find another one (oh Google!)  He's not so excited about the kid that moved in next door-better than he is at skateboarding, though he is excited about the kid's 'kicker'. I learned about kickers this week too. 

There's an inexpensive online class that I plan to sign up for to learn more about Scrivener. For those of you writers that aren't using Scrivener yet or are hesitant to try, they offer a month's free trial

One of the most exciting thing I learned this week is the line-up of events for the upcoming New England SCBWI conference. So many of my friends and people I've met are presenting the professional workshops. It's almost time to sign up. Lookie here.....

So what's up for this week? What will I learn, what will you learn? Do you listen and really hear? That's actually what I was going to write about this week-Listening! Oh well, it's no secret to those who know me that I'm sort of like a patchwork quilt, trying to fit a stack of colorful pieces together, sometimes using an odd one or two that wasn't in the plan.
Have a happy week. Listen, Learn and don't forget to dance !



  1. Mona! What timely post this is! My daughter just deleted all of the photos on her do you access the recovery program??

  2. I googled! Found a place that is called Card Rescue...followed their directions for MAC. I did go to town and bought a Card Reader like they suggested (but try it with card first). When the photos showed up is when they told me I could do nothing else but "buy" if I wanted to retrieve. My friend wanted to so we did. Then couldn't figure out what to do next until I asked a Zumba friend/school computer tech. She told me to put the card in and drag the photos. I was leery, but TaDa!!!!!!!! My friend has all 352 photos back on her card. It's 39.95, but good forever.
    Can't wait to hear your results! Good luck.

  3. Ooo can you tell me more about that online Scrivener class? I so need that!

    Love the name Wolf Moon. And last night it was full too!

  4. Julie,
    I took the moon shot last night but tonight is the official night and I was out flashing again!

    I just signed up for the Scrivener class here:

    Hope this link works for you.

  5. Lucky you got all the photos back Mona. Love pic of the moon.

  6. It amazes me every time I (we) find something like that photo recovery program. My friend is ever so thankful...and the moon always amazes me! Thanks