Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading 'riting and 'rithmetic

    For me it goes writing, reading and 'rithmetic ......

If someone should ask what I write or read or do for fun(that doesn't include the third 'r'), I might say same ol' same ol' but that's not really true.
   Probably the biggest and most exciting, not so same ol' this week, came from a children's author, Jane Yolen, who is giving back in a big way, to the writing community that is her life. This is it! (and I hope it works!):

     Having won a letter of merit from SCBWI in the picture book category(Barbara Karlin) last year, I truly know what a gift this is to boost a writer's morale and validate their writing venture, not only to the winners but to the honorable mentioned. I'm so excited- for me and all the Middle Grade writers! Thank you so much Jane
   I write with both both pen in hand and computer on lap...I have hand written notes all over the place-I love, need, notes. Looks like a used paper factory around here! I'm always leaving the grocery list home but seems like if I write it, I remember most of it.  Other things I wrote this week...mmmm- tweaked the nine pages of my middle grade manuscript and created the one page synopsis-addressed the envelope and  kissed it goodbye. It's my conference critique sub.  I also wrote up a few critiques for friends. Commented on a few blogs. Completed first story (draft)  for 12x12in 2012.

   Now on to the second 'r'-Did you ever think about what you read? Usually I think traditional books, but a reading by me at a Pampered Chef party got me thinking.  Nancy, the presenter, passed me the cookbook and asked me to read the recipe to her while she prepared. It went something like this...and now,  she will chop the green peppers in her handy dandy mini hand held food processor (?????) I played with the instructions, pausing and emphasizing each of the products and their value...still not thinking about much except having fun when one of the other girls, I don't really know, leaned over and said, "you're a good reader!"
I am??? Do you read out loud? Do you listen to yourself? Do you hear your own stories? Before I put my manuscript in the envelope, I read it out loud. Sounded good to me-will see later in the spring.
   So what else did I read this week...I read a few more pages of Darcy Pattison's, How To Write A Children's Book while waiting for hub at the eye doctor's. Signed up to read in March for the community Dr Seuss read around. Read local newspapers online, the coupons from the week-end paper,  a few interesting blogs, friends' manuscripts and the notes on my light bill! Yup, I said the "light bill". If you live in Maine you'll see that we are offered an option for choosing the supplier..should I shouldn't I?
    I won a book over at Donna Martin's blog Donna
    On other reading news...My friend Carrie had this to share. I have this book. Must dig it out and read.
Best of the Best Books for Teens - Chicago Public Librarywww.chipublib.orgChoose a LibrarySelect...Albany ParkAltgeldArcher HeightsAustinAustin-IrvingAvalonBeverlyBezazianBlackstoneBrainerdBrighton ParkBucktown-Wicker ParkBudlong WoodsCanaryvilleChicago BeeChicago LawnChinatownClearingColemanDaley, R.J.-BridgeportDaley, R.M.-W HumboldtDouglassDunningEdgebrookEdgewaterGage...Martin     
  The third 'r'-well that's a toughy! Other than trying to balance my check book, it's almost nil in my life. I'd rather have fun...like build snow people but Mr Winter isn't cooperating. We have snow but it's light and dry. Or go dance-zumba's tonight. Here's some more fun...My friends watch doctors on TV-One watches Oz, one watches The Doctors, I watch Phil! So I share unbelievable people stories(quite dumb sometimes), Kathy shares tips on healthy eating...last stormy day we each baked honey oatmeal wheat bread. Two of us had good luck, one couldn't get hers to rise.  Esther is sharing Oz's youthful hints. She bought inexpensive cream and shared...I've been diligently rubbing it into my wrinkles morning and night for almost a week...I make the faces so the skin stretches and put extra cream in those hollows-no one's noticed my youthful new look yet!
   So what's going on in your world,  same ol' same ol'?  That's a good thing!!!
   Listen Learn and Dance


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  2. Thanks, Mona, for mentioning me in today's post. Your books should be winging it's way to you before too long...

  3. You're very welcome...looking forward to my package. (don't hurry, I know you're busy)

  4. Loved the post! Oh I just love Dr. Oz. He has some great tips!