Sunday, January 1, 2012


   Happy Happy New Year to all my family and friends.

   I'm looking forward to the fireworks, the colors and  surprises that 2012 has in store-I love surprises, though I'm forever curious to peek and look ahead, especially when I get hints!
  I've never had much luck with resolutions, so I've made a few plans, set a few goals. and know that it's up to me to follow through.
   On the writing side of things:
        I'll continue to submit my Black Bear picture book story that won a Barbara Karlin Grant Letter of
        Merit from SCBWI-the story that I've received the most positive rejections from. The story
        that one publisher actually said, "we almost accepted it!" And I will write and sub other stories.

         I'll try to stay true to the 12x12 challenge that I've signed up for-write 12 picture book drafts in 12
         months. mmmmm...that's only one story 'draft' for every thirty days.  Are you interested???
         You can go here....

          I do have lots of story starters jotted, from having just completed Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo-an idea
          a day! So, I'm off....

          I'm pretty laid back, but I do have to push myself hard to finish the first draft of my middle grade
          manuscript so I can fine tune and get it to friends to review and critique. It's almost there but has
          been sitting almost dormant for months. My picture book muse has taken over and I'm having
          trouble moving back and forth.  The funny thing is, I love the story and I'm forever doing the
 recently buying a "handy dandy" stripper clipper". Now have I got you

    Now for a few of my important love and life things:

          I love family, friends and the computer. My family and friends are here for me unconditionally as
          I am for them. My kids are my biggest cheerleaders-that's a reverse role, huh! The computer, well
          that's a very different story, an every day challenge (another one!) I can do what I do
          and nothing else...nothing unconditional about our relationship!

          I'd love to be more organized. My life is like a patchwork quilt. Lots of random and colorful pieces  
          stacked everywhere! Some tucked under others, never to be found again. So yesterday, I found a
          free...yup free book for my Kindle...Organize for a Fresh Start. So I go to download it and nothing
          happened! Tried again, nothing! Even the book ghost must think it's impossible to help get my
          organized and in some sort of order. So I sent for HELP and the Kindle spirit came through!!!! I
         don't know though, will the book help?

         I love the contests that I don't have to do much about except enter. I've won fun books this year-
         whoops, I mean last year!!! Galaxy Games by Greg Fishbone and Princess Posey by Stephanie
         Greene, and  a critique from Tara Lazar (entering a chance to win another from her in 2012).
         There's a contest going on right now for those of you interested in the craft of writing
         books. Donna Martin has a truckload to offer. Go here to enter that one

        I love Zumba....yes Zumba!!!!! I dance to the beat and may look like a beached whale at times,  
        floundering and flopping around, but it's okay. Yeah, I know, you get the picture, right?!?!?!  But
        it's fun and a great way to exercise. Makes it not so tough!
My wishes for 2012:
May we all be happy and safe and our lives full of fun and surprises in 2012.

And when they come,  may we see the gifts, feel their power,  hear the music and...let's always  DANCE!!!!





  1. Mona,
    What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it. I got a good laugh when I read the Kindle adventure!
    I am VERY curious about the handy dandy stripper clipper :•)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Mona.
    mmm ... I had a few problems with my computor to, got a portable hard drive for xmas so hoping that will help.
    Happy to see you have joined 12x12, so look forward to joining with you on a fun filled year ahead.... Happy writing...
    (Oh and I too am very curious about this handy dandy stripper clipper.....mind boggles!)

  3. First of all -- best of success with the Black Bear story. It sounds as though you're very close to having it accepted! And all the best with all your other writing and organizing plans.

    Here's to a year filled with writing and love and laughter!

  4. Penny and Patient,
    So happy I made you curious! So I'll tell you, it's my (boy) mc's dreaded coupon clipper!
    And Beth, thanks for the good for the organizing, it will never be!
    Happy writing year to all of us!