Monday, May 6, 2013

"My"/Our NESCBWI Conference

I had to drive to Springfield (alone) this year. I've never driven it, and I was a nervous Nellie! But, thanks to Google maps and my Gertie Garmon, I made the 5 hour trip without incident, 
except.... (page turn here!)
    Gertie said, "arrived at destination." I was at a red light and was delighted to look up and see, Sheraton straight on, in front of me. When the light turned green, I crossed the street to go to the hotel but found myself going the wrong way on a one way...horns blew, 3 lines of cars started toward me. The guy in the lane closest to me waved me around a U-ie and thank you Lord and thank you guy in the other car, I was back on the right track. Yeah!
    Arrived on Thursday to meet up with my lovely, beautiful roommates Val Giogas, and Denise, and later on our dear friend Heidi Davis. Thank you so much for the wonderful fun and sharing all week-end. I'm glad to be home but sorry I had to leave. 

I didn't take as many people photos as I usually do, but have a few to show you...

Sharon Creech! What a way to open a conference. Conference goers intent on listening.
 Pegi Deitz Shea presenting her workshop: Poetic Words for Prose-Beyond Adjectives and Advers for fiction. 

This is a photo of a photo of keynoter, Grace Lin, another keynote speaker. I took the photo to show to the kids I read to. I planned to purchase her Ugly Vegetables book but it was sold out at the library. I will get it. The kids love that I show them photos of the authors or illustrators or a signed book. They think I'm famous!
 Beautiful friends, Jeannine Atkins with  Jo Knowles speaking and thanking for her well deserved Golden Kite Award. Congratulations again, Jo.
   I don't have photos of the wonderful presenters of the workshops I took, but I'll tell you, if I had to choose a favorite, you'd have to kill me, because I can't. So much energy and enthusiasm. So much sharing. So much....
I love this photo of my dear friend Brenda Reeves Sturgis, her honest to pete, editorial advisor, Emma Dryden, and her amazing, everyone wants her,  agent Karen Grencik .
I know Brenda's story, personal and writing journey. I know that she's a most talented rhyming writer. I know some of the truths about Brenda's journey that Emma so honestly shared with the audience, I know that they all have a wonderful bond. But, I was teary eyed with everyone else after this heartfelt panel discussion. Thank you. Thank you.
    2013 NESCBWI = Perfect!
     How lucky am I to have been there.


  1. Oh, it sounds wonderful, Mona! I'm glad you got the one-way situation worked out without any dings or dents and went on to have a great weekend! What a great panel! I'm sure you learned a lot and had a ton of fun!

  2. Thank you Mona!!! It was wonderful to see you, as always. xx

  3. I enjoyed your post! Thank you for sharing it with us, Mona!

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    1. SO sorry, Mona. The same comment posted twice. Guess then you'd know I REALLY liked it!

  5. Thanks, my friends.
    Lynda, before I "edited" this entry, I had all of "my" presenters names listed with workshops, including yours, but the post went on and on and on..Jo and Penny both know that I'm wordy, so I cut! I'm in awe with what you shared. You did tons of the work for us!!! Thank you.

  6. Mona, I always love to read your take on events! I am so glad you had such a wonderful and inspiring time!

  7. Oh, thanks Joyce. You did such a wonderful job with the conference but it's time for you to sit back, only for a minute, then get back to work (writing!).

  8. They don't have many intersections where you can't go straight at the light, in Maine! Happy you survived it. Due to family conflicts, I was unable to attend the conference (again!) this year, but am hopeful about next year.

  9. Wonderful write up, Mona! I'm glad you arrived safe and sound and were able to share with the rest of us!