Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's New?

     "In My Backyard I See" That's the title of my friend, Valarie Giogas', picture book.
So what do I see and what do I write about (not that I have a book-yet!)? Most of my stories are non-fiction, or at least have a touch of it. This world around me is my inspiration and sometimes I feel like the well gets low, almost dry. But yesterday was a day of filling the idea well.
     This is what I saw just before daylight.
       A Great Horned? Is he silently calling out to me to write his story even tho he didn't utter a Whoooo...
       Later, I went for a walk with my pockets bulging: phone(just in case), short pencil and 3x5 cards and camera. You've seen pictures of my neighborhood before...horses in the pasture, ducks in the farm pond or a big fat pig sunning herself. Other than the seasons, not much changes. Even so, I see "new" things on every walk.
    I jot notes along the way when an idea sparks, and take pictures of things I hadn't noticed on a previous walk. So the first photo I took was these mushroomy things. Are there fairies or wood nymphs making their homes amongst them? jot jot jot......
....or around these? And what thing is hidden in that hole?-I didn't dare look!

Can you see or hear stories in these "things"?
Oh, but what's this? More mushrooms?!?!?
     Yes,  They're the first few oyster mushrooms that my neighbors are starting to grow. Bags like this are hanging from the beams in her dirt floored cellar. A new project, a new farming adventure for the neighbors, and something different to see on a same ole afternoon walk.


     Not sure, but I don't think I'll ever write about mushroom farming, but I am sure I'll never ever try this kind of gardening-it's way too much work!
     I love to walk and take you with me. You just never know what's new in the same ole neighborhood!
     Have a great day, a great week. See the new, embrace the old and celebrate good news-    
                                         Congratulations Leslie and Jarod!!!!!!!

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