Friday, July 20, 2012


   I have been MIA, as has been my writer's muse. Few new words have flowed and not new story ideas until last night in the middle of it. It was an exciting PB idea, even had the main character (animal) going to different places, thus a series of fun stories. Yay! Except I only remember "it" was an animal, and the adventures were exciting!!!!
    I don't believe in writer's block, more like writer's rest, so I think we both may have waken up-finally. So what does this children's writer do when the words won't flow? Well write of course! The old stories come out and get reviewed, the online friends send their words over for critique, and another friend sent a reminder that deadline is looming for submitting to  a few conference editors. Deadline time-so I squeaked in the nick of time to send off a few polished manuscripts.
   The vacation from words is over for me and that muse and I have an idea brewing, as I type, from an interesting story I heard on the news.
   But I'll let you know that the rest of my life is on vacation most of the time. Not the go away kind, but the look around and plunge into what's available kind... Like,  last week my daughter called at 6:00 am and asked if I'd help her give out flowers in our 'ville parade. She was able to come over from work and  participate in the 200 year celebration of her hometown. So after my Sat morning Zumba class, I helped! Lots of roses for lots of lovely people.

   I thought that the whole little 'ville was in the parade so was surprised to see so many spectators along the mile stretch. After the parade, there were games for all the "kids" all day long (including horseshoes and volley ball), a supper and an amazing display of fireworks to end the festivities.


Then there was the 4 1/2 hour kayaking paddle around Friendship Long Island with daughter and sister-in-law the other day. It was so beautiful with the droning hum of the lobster boats in the water. The lobstermen had parked their boats for a few days because the price is way down and gas and bait prices aren't costing any less. It was good to see them out and about doing what they love best-their job.
We all shared the sea.
 All of the sternmen aren't men!

Then there was the community walk/dance through Camden to benefit the Community Cares (for kids) program. (I volunteered for the kiddos in the 5 surrounding communities)
Babysitting the niece on the spur of the moment. 
But now, it's off to write that great story!
So, as usual, "there's nothing to do" way out here in the country!!!


  1. Looks like you're having fun with all kinds of summery things - just the right plan to get ideas flowing :) Good lucy with your new idea, and if you need to get the creativity flowing, come on over to my place for Summer Short & Sweets :)

  2. Summer Short & Sweets?
    Blogger or somewhere else? Link please and thanks. is great!

  3. Oh....I want to come and live with you, Mona. You do the coolest things!!!!!!

  4. Come on down!...It's kind of easy to have fun here, 'though other than the big 'ville bash, I have to get in a car to get from here to there (I'm in the center of a 20 mile radius circle to "everywhere"!)