Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I See the Sea!

 ...the title of my new picture book! It's the title of my life!
This has been a week of seaside adventures beginning over the week-end when our son treated us to a night at the Cliff House in Ogunquit, ME. I sat out on my little deck and wrote..the slap of the water on those ledges, the warm sun and no internet! How perfect is this for a mini me writing retreat!?!?!?
Part of this Inn is 150 years old and somehow they managed to get back old postcards that had been sent from there-enlarged and framed one for each room. Ours was from a young girl(I think)Ruth Ann who was complaining and upset about another, Dora Elizabeth who I guessed was her sister. Why she nearly fainted when DE cut off her pigtails! The PS said-send more chocolate. It calms my nerves!
...and we ventured downtown. I loved the fact that the beautiful seaside town caters to tourists, but also shows their respect for their own. The locals who make their living from the sea.

The dinghies and the lobster boats already parked for the day.... a few sailboats share this channel heart sings here. What is it with me? I live here. I can walk a beach or look over a harbor much like this, anytime I want-providing I get in my car and drive about 20 miles! But I always feel the same magic.

On the way home we visited a few lighthouses.....

Now if that wasn't enough sea, Monday took me closer to home. Met up with my friend Cynthia Lord. She did two school presentations so we had plenty of time in between her events to explore. First off, we went to my "sea glass" beach. It was a perfect day and we Touched Blue!

Cindy loves the sea as much as I do. There is a piece or two of blue glass in her hand with the other colored finds. 
Yes, that's another lighthouse in the background-the Breakwater in Rockland. We didn't have time to walk along the mile long granite setting but we did have time to go to Rockport Harbor to touch Andre' the famous harbor seal.
A few of my other writer friends, Jo Knowles and Cindy Faughnan presented a writer's camp at NESCBWI conference this year that got me really appreciating writing prompts. So the sea is my prompt this week-I already told you it's the theme of my new picture book idea. Here are a few prompts and ideas for you. The smell, the feel of the gravely shore on bare feet, the slap of the waves, the seaweed that washed up from the astronomically high tide, the taste, the light breeze,the colorful glass that glistens in the sunlight just for you, the heart shaped sea washed rocks...and as I write of a few of the sea wonders, I've come up with another story idea. I hope you're inspired by these prompts too.  


  1. Beautiful pictures! I see the sea on the other side of the seashore (the Pacific).

  2. How fun, Mona! The pictures are beautiful. How great to stay in the Cliff House!

    And then time with Cynthia Lord...Awesome!

    I laughed when I saw Lobsterman because that is what spell check always wants to change my last name to!!!!

    1. Thanks....Penny, Let them change your name when you come to'll get your own private parking by the sea!