Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nothing much ever happens around here, except...

Before I get to the writing, here's the first full moon picture that I actually captured the silhouette of the inside the "Man's" home! Okay, now I'll write.

   These blog entries are getting to be like an old fashioned diary, minus the secrets! I'm an open book, so maybe that's why I write for kids.
   On a few writing notes:
      As part of my MG research, I went to a couponing meeting the other morning. I took all my unused coupons from the Sunday paper so the other ladies could take the ones they wanted. I only use a few, honestly, so they got an abundance from me.You should see all the free and nearly free bargains the leader brought and stacked on a shelf. Unbelievable! Later on, a friend asked me what I learned.    
         This: One of our grocery stores offers double on any coupon up to 99 cents. So, from now on, all those .75 coupons get used there. Is that enough for this mind? And, couponing is a work at home job!!!
         These girls sort, organize and date in huge binders! I  had fun and will go again to get inside of my MC's mother's mind even though I don't want that job! A funny little note about this meeting. The leader and I couldn't figure out where we knew each other from until we met again at zumba the next night!
     I won another contest! It was at  a writing and illustrating site from "over across", as my mother used to say, though I don't think she was referring to Australia!  The instructor is a published Australian author, Katrina Germein
I've received the lesson plan, and believe me, this business of writing for children is universal. And so is this Facebook stuff...a few local friends congratulated me and
   Now I must give you one of my "just do it" spiels! Writers are generous, so when I see contest, prize or win, I don't hesitate one bit to sign on the dotted line! Most have random selectors, so your chance is as good as mine. In case you're not aware, I've won books, a critique, a picture, and now this class...whoooeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    This internet access amazes me every day. Facebook amazes me too. Two of my local friends congratulated me on winning the class. The first one showed up on the Blue Dingo feed. I asked what she was doing over there. She saw it on the side panel on her FB and wanted to give me her good wishes. Whoa! That took me quite by surprise.
     Now a bit more from across the sea, this time from the UK and one of my crit partners
Juliet Clare Bell has written a lovely book, Don't Panic Annika. If you go over to her site, you can hear the real live Annika read her Momma's story with not the least bit of panic in her voice.
      And...there's more over seas news. Cynthia Lord has been in Russia all week. She is a perfect ambassador to represent children's authors of the United States. She's in Belarus right now where one woman said she knew Maine because she knows the Samantha Smith story.This brings tears to my eyes.
     Now I'll come back home to write my own stories...
          PS...a BIG congratulations to the Medomak Valley High School Cheerleader that won third place in the State of Maine championship competition. I know some of these young ladies. Lovely girls inside and out that have worked hard perfecting their sport and keeping up with their grades. Good go girls!!!!!
         And the Medomak Valley boys basketball team that took the states! Another bunch of hard working kids that take their sport and sportsmanship seriously.


  1. Mona, I enjoyed your post today. You are so lucky...winning all that stuff. That is awesome. It's so nice that you mentioned Clare and her website. I'm betting that she'll have extra traffic at her site for the next few weeks.
    I loved the moon picture. Beautiful!
    Good luck with the research for your novel.

  2. Thanks Penny,
    I never thought of myself as being lucky...I've just been signing my name all over the place! Wish I had a contract to sign it to. Now that would be pure luck!
    How can I not have mentioned Clare? The reading by Annika is priceless.
    Now that I think of it again, I am lucky. Lucky to have a friend like you!

  3. This was a lovely post... I am surprised by it's heading.... "Nothing Much every happens around here, except..' Sounds like a lot has been Winning all those prizes and working on your MG, good for you! Now I am going to have a peak at Annika reading her Mom's story...
    Oh and I love the moon picture too.

  4. Thank you.
    It's pretty amazing how much "nothing much" is!