Monday, February 20, 2012

Couldn't Wait To Open It!

    So the mail lady delivered a media package this week. I knew it was coming but couldn't wait to see the surprise inside. I've heard authors say that they love to hold their new book, to smell it, to turn the almost bonded pages. This one's my critique friend's new book, but I felt the same thrill as if it were my own.
    I've been in an online picture book critique group with Alison for a few years.  We've become a close group, honest and trusting critiquers. Alison sent us each a copy of her newest book. 
    Her first in this series is an award winner, This Tree Counts. Both stories include a class field trip, and what kid doesn't love to go on a field trip!  They'll venture out with the same class as with 'Trees' to visit a farm. There are no cows or horses or chickens, so what kind of farm? Farmer Ellen will take us on tour and tell us. Both of Alison's books include real facts, plus numbers, counting, listening, observing and thinking. 
      A good story? Yes. Educational? Yes. Interesting? Yes.  A different approach? Yes!  
Sarah Snow's colorful and kid friendly illustrations compliment the text throughout. I love this book, and I know, yes know, that kids will love it too. It's one of those books that you can see and "hear" and learn a little something new each time you pick it up. Alison has written about TREES, and BEES. Can you guess what's next? 
     Now I didn't start out to give you a review of this wonderful book. It was a gift from a friend. But there you have it anyway. 
      I worked one day at "the" flower shop to help out-Valentine's Day! It was busy to say the least...
I love Shelley's crew-they all like each other and work so well together. Beautiful team spirit!!!

 The baby girl spent a day. She's busy-keeps us busy. Right here, she's dumping the cheerios from dish to dish. She's got pretty good aim!
      We read books together. One she loves is a simple animal board book with a textured spot on each animal and the text tells what each one does and sounds they make. We know that the fuzzy yellow duck says, "Quack."  The  pink nosed pig says, "Oink." The curly lamb says, "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa."Baby can really stretch this one out!!!  That's how it goes with every page turn until we get to the fluffy eared bunny who hops! Now the critiquer in me says, 'this just doesn't fit!' If this were to come through one of my critique groups, I would be sure and bring up that point. I bought the book so we could learn to identify animals and play with their voices, but..... Am I being the book reviewer today, or what?!?!!
     And while on reading, writing and all things wordy, I've been having a great time participating in the picture book class that I won. It originates from Australia but the creator, Katrina Germein is keeping it universal.  The interaction and discussion from others is good! The author asks the questions, others answer and give feed back.  ooohhhhh....I'm working through a new picture book. It keeps getting tweaked with each suggestion. Exploring new directions for the same story line.
    Had a phone conversation with a friend this morning and we discussed 'what's going on'-The answer of the day is 'same ole same ole'. I like same ole same ole with a little mix up along the way-Take it on. Life is good!


  1. Great post. Is Allison's book a counting book? I look forward to reading it!

  2. It really isn't a counting book, per say though we hear the bees buzz and count what's around and important to them. It's a lesson on bee keeping and honey making using the field trip setting so it isn't textbooky for kids.

  3. I think I read This Tree Counts at a book fair... I'll have to look it up again, and look for BEES too!

    1. Oh do....Tree was shortened and made into a board book.

  4. Yea! Sounds really fun. Congrats to your critique friend.

  5. Love the sound of This Tree Counts and These Bees Count... these types of topics are dear to me.

    A good critique partner is a precious gift!

    1. You are right about critique partners and I have several precious gifts!