Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a Month!

It's the 30th of November and the challenges are over for now anyway. I kind of flunked a few, but the one I completed with flying colors is the Picture Book Idea Month (aka PkBoIdMo) 
  PiBoIdMo 2011  hosted by the lovely Tara Lazar. I've kept a notebook beside me and my computer and have posted one or more picture book ideas every day this month. I haven't officially counted the dabs and scribbles and doodles and paragraphs and sentences but there are waaayyyy more than 30, thank you very much!
I really don't think of myself as competitive, but I do very well when challenged or put to a deadline test. 
Now that I've completed this phase of the PiBo... I have a plan. Instead of starting to weed out and start writing the stories tomorrow, I'm going to write everything over again in a cute little hard covered journal notebook. I'll put the dates and ideas, and the ****s I've noted in red. Those ****s beside the meaningful quotes that I took out of our "special guests" posts. I'm not thinking of this as a repetitious act, but more like a review of thoughts and reenforcement ideas.
    It's been a wonderful month for participating picture book writers to "think". Now it's time to "write"!
    Thank you to Tara Lazar and all the rest of you for a fabulous month.

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