Friday, November 25, 2011


The blessing of Thanksgiving and all the goodness in my life has flowed over from yesterday. I have so much to be thankful for that my list would go way off the page so I’ll just say that the one thing that stands out besides the love and warmth of family and friends is tradition. And one of our holiday traditions  is one that my mother, the matriarch, passed on to us - the making of “tootalings”(tortellini) from scratch. 
 No matter what else is on the menu, we always manage to get together a week or so before the holiday to make our favorite dish. 

Another annual thanksgiving tradition is wreath making. Right after we stuff ourselves overfull, and before we let things settle, the dishes and fancy tablecloth come off and the rings, wire and greenery go on the long table! Everyone makes their unique Christmas wreath and garland. Sorry I didn’t take photos of the finished products. Each one was unique- glitzy, of the sea and traditional. Next year I’ll try to remember to take shots of the finished products.

I’ve decide not  to play Black Friday anymore. There isn’t anything I need to “save” money on with the sales, and I’m not loving the fact that stores are trying to outdo each other with the early openings - some on Thanksgiving Day! What’s up with that? Doesn’t it just take the fun out of the Friday, 4:00AM rush! That was mostly why I’d been going for so long...the RUSH!!!!!
So today, "that" Friday has been a quiet kind of day. Fresh cinnamon buns for coffee with the girls. Took down the outside autumn decorations, did a bit of laundry and worked on a picture book story that I thought I had in order but NOT. 

My picture book writing friends have taken up the challenge of writing at least 30 picture book ideas in 30 day. I've got a scribbly notebook beside me and have managed to jot many more than one a day throughout November. I've even written a few rough drafts and SFDs! If you're interested in seeing what's going on, go over to-

PiBoIdMo 2011        
So here's a special announcement to all my Maine friends. My friend, Cynthia Lord, children's author (Rules, Touch Blue, Hot Rod Hamster books) has lovingly offered, to the media specialists in our state, to do a few free school visits. It’s her way of giving back, giving thanks, so she randomly drew the winners on Thanksgiving morning. She was going to do only two visits in the spring, but was so overwhelmed by the people who signed up, that she chose six schools! Sadly, none of them in my area, but I bet these librarians and their schools are overjoyed.  Cindy is such a heartfelt giving author.
Phippsburg Elementary School, Phippsburg, Maine
York Middle School, York, Maine
Washburn Elementary School, Washburn, Maine
Long Island Community School, Long Island, Maine
Samuel Wagner Middle School, Winterport, Maine
Glenburn School, Glenburn, Maine
Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!!!!
Until I blog happy, be funny, give thanks, be nice, be you! 

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