Sunday, February 10, 2013

MIA but Lot's to say!

     It's been a bit quiet around here lately for me. Some of you know what happened, but for those of you who don't, here's the scoop. Cute kitty, wild boy in the morning kitty, took a leap from the back of the love seat to my coffee cup one morning a few weeks ago, and full coffee cup took a leap onto my computer!
I didn't worry 'cause things were going just fine. I read the papers, my Yahoo Mail, and a few Facebook entries. Then, when I went to play my game, words with friends, asdfghjkl didn't work! Yikes-Rushed it to computer wizards who kept it for a few days, collected their ransom, only to tell me that I needed a new logic board and top case-aka, motherboard and keyboard and pieces of gold to fix it!!!  I wee wee weed all the way home. And I wee weed a bit online too 'cause Hazel Mitchell told me to take it to her very own Wizard, because if it could be fixed, he could. More days, more waiting with good news-Mike Mitchell, fixed my computer for only a few pieces of gold and I got it back just a few hours before the NESCBWI conference opened for registration.
   I'm register for spring conference...Yay!!! But back to the cute kitty. He was free and he's cute, but I'm thinking I could have bought a Maine Coon Cat for all he's costing me...but look, how can I even think that. Yup, that's him in the bag, being dragged around. I got him for the niece, and he's doing his job!
So without a computer, you read, you write-but not on works in progress, you make decisions about submitting your writing, and how important your NF stories are for the Common Core programs, sign up to read on Dr Seuss Day, and you take lots more pictures.
        A beautiful ghostly moon.
              and a duct tape pic.....only in Maine
            Kathy fooling around-actually climbing a few steps- on the exercise ball. We've added a core class to our Zumba regime. The first night I did 'ball', I thought my core was wrecked for life. Maybe I'd have to borrow that duct tape to repair it. Now though, I like it. Managed to plank on that big ball and stand on toes (only 2 times so far!) amongst other things as well as bouncing or rather plopping to the floor!
                          Daughter surprised me with sunshiny tulips
and then the blizzard struck. Hub and I got outside this morning and tackled the drifts...He on his Johnny and me with my big red (shovel) and my brother-in-law joined with his pick-up.

                                I shoveled this path
                                Here comes the brother-in-law. Don't worry, I fed him blueberry muffins and  
                               coffee. Thank heavens I had the muffins frozen from the last time I baked.
                                    There's the hub and his ever loving, Johnny.
    This was a beautiful day after. So so much shoveling and cleaning out. So much to be thankful for though. We kept the home fires burning, didn't lose power, had lots to eat and drink. Had plenty of everything in reserve, just in case. And for those of you who know me well, I'm kind of lacksidasical (sp???) when it comes to having the surplus pans of water...but this time, I listened to Mr and Ms weather people.
   I had bitter sweet feelings about getting out in all this snow. There was tons of light fluffy stuff to shovel. I took it layer by layer and it wasn't so bad after a few hours. If it had been wet heavy, I'd have broken the camel's back trying to throw it out of the way...but being so fluffy made it so I couldn't build any funny snow people.
           However, I couldn't be satisfied without playing a bit, so here it is.
    Enjoy your week. Make lemonade or cream puffs or silly snow scenes. Dance and sing and don't forget your Valentine on Thursday. I'll be working at Shelley's Flowers to help make your sweetheart day the sweetest!

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