Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

    A new year means new doors will open with new adventures around each corner. I won't bore you with my usual resolutions and goals. I still have many. Some are the same as last year and the year before, others are new.
    I simply want to thank you for being here for me and wish you a happy, healthy, loving, dreams come true, kind of year. I hope you can reach beyond the stars, the moon, sun, and clouds, to fulfill those dreams. I've always been a dreamer. Sometimes I make up my own dreams. Sometimes they almost come true. Sometimes the almost is frustrating, isn't it? But I thank you dear friends who tell me, you're so close or almost there. I hope you're right.
    Author friends have posted lists of things you may or may not know about them so I thought I'd share a few things I enjoy.

  I love surprises. I love the sky. It's full of surprises. Every day, minute, second I look up, there's I see something new. Always something different going on. We all view things differently. This was the New Year's day dawn from my back deck.  I saw beautiful but subtle colors, a quiet calmness. I know that my neighbors that make their living on the sea saw things differently, the pink sky that sailors dread.

The next night, my husband said, Look at the moon. It's so bright, you don't even have to go outside to take a picture." That's because I always freeze him when I go in and out to snap the full moons. So, to please him, I grabbed the camera and took this not quite full, cold white moon.

What do you think? A bit lopsided, huh! This oddball cracked me up. With these, you've got to know that I usually have a camera attached to my hip! 

Another thing I can't seem to get along without is my computer. I'm glad I have it. I need to write, research critique and have my work critiqued and  to keep in touch with all of you. I play Words with Friends-that's my only game.  Oh, and I'm totally fascinated with Mr Google. I turn to him many times a day-research! (and recipes, patterns, people, animals, habitats....)

This year, I've won a few prizes (books, art sketches) from entering my name on writer's posts. I don't have a book of my own- yet, but I really want to share something. Let's just call it a surprise. 

Comment on this post and I'll throw your name in a pot or on the floor and randomly choose a winner. You don't have to be a writer to enter.

Today is another new day in the new year. Love life~ It's too cold to make lemonade out of the lemons-it may be a good day to make tea out of leaves!!!!


  1. I love your positive attitude! Always! You are always upbeat and cheery. Thank you for that. In a world that has seemed to go insane, it is nice for a corner of happiness. May all your dreams come true this year and something else so wonderful you never even imagined it!

  2. What beautiful sentiments to read on the start of a New Year. I like the pictures of the sky and moon. I often find myself thinking about the moon. I wonder how many times the moon has been written about over the course of humankind. Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks, Heidi. I love seeing all of your posts. Your boys are handsome men-I can't believe it. Dream on, huh!

  4. Thank you, Hannah. You may have read about my full moon story aka Bear-It won a Barbara Karlin Grant letter of merit and got me into Rutgers conference and "almost" got accepted-but one day baby!!!!! Happy New year to you too.