Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On-line meeting....continued

   One of the first people I met online was Cynthia Lord. Cindy and I have many stories, and the first goes back to that first meeting. The online relationship started on the Blueboard, I think when we heard talk of the NESCBWI conference. Neither of us had been to one and thought we might hook up together to see what this children's writer's conference was all about. Well, we were both slowwwww at commitment and when we finally decided we were going together, I nervously told her my last name and where I lived. Until then, we were on first name basis.

Now this was a time before all these online relationships, so we were both leery. My husband thought I was crazy, going to "sleep" with a stranger (he was starting to have me believe I might be). Then on the other end, Cindy's mother was worried that she was meeting up with an axe murder!!! We weren't so bad, actually liked each other,  and we've been friends from that forever ago...and we still make stories together.

 Here's a spring tale... I met 3 neighbors and lost my camera in the lake on this adventure!

So another story, pertaining to this very exciting book release day of Cindy's

Awhile back, she sent me an email saying she was sending me a pdf copy of new, upcoming book. I'd heard excerpts of the Shelter Pet Squad at a schmooze at Tami's schmooze. (Tami will be up here soon!) So, I opened the copy and almost immediately, something jumped out at me. I was confused! Closed the file and said nothing. Now saying nothing isn't my nature and Cindy and the world knows it. I guess that Cindy couldn't stand it any longer so sent me another email-"did you get what I sent?"
I answered with the I did???????????. Then we had back and forth conversations, and swear we could hear each other laughing through the computers.
Here's what I saw...
It's exciting-a book for me. However, I wondered what she was trying to tell me. (read the fine print)

And today is the big release day of "my" book. (I'd like to say I wrote it!)

"They" say, "write what you know." Cindy lives that with each book she writes. She does her research to find the things she really doesn't know, as with Shelter Pet Squad. Cindy travels with her author visits, all through the school year, but she still found time to be a regular volunteer at her local animal shelter. She's allergic to cats, so spends her time on the "other side". Cindy and her family already had a guinea pig, and dog at home, but wouldn't you know, she fell in love and adopted a pair of bunnies!

My local friends' mouths drop when they ask, "You know Cynthia Lord, the famous children's author?" I can honestly say, "Yes". I know Cindy, "famous", the person, the friend, the person with the most gentle heart. Everyone that reads her words knows Cindy. Her heartfelt words pour out in every page of every book she writes.

Congratulations, dear Cindy, on this day of a new book adventure. I'm glad for our online meeting, before even Rules was published! xo

Ps I had to edit to post this photo. I love it!!! Ranger Cindy...this will probably end up in a book!!!


  1. Aww, thanks Mona. The day we decided to go to that conference together was one of the lucky days in my life. :)

  2. Wonderful tribute! What a dedication, huh! :) Congrats to both of you on the release of this book!

  3. As it was mine, Cindy. I think I'd be a bit more worried today!

  4. Tina, I know. The story is funny, but the dedication itself is a treasure to me.

  5. What a great story! The writing community is full of wonderful people. :)

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