Sunday, July 6, 2014

Have You Met Online???

  I'm going to work backward on this post, I'm actually starting over with this post....starting from the day walked to the mailbox and found a padded manila envelope with the return, Zondervan. I recognized the name as a Christian Publisher, but I didn't order anything. I couldn't just tear open the package so I had to fidget with opener, then scissors, to see what might be inside. Oh my gosh was I surprised to find these:

     I know the note is hard to read, but it says, 'the enclosed is sent compliments of the author.' Oh my word, compliments of Nancy I. Sanders! So who am I and how come I'm so fortunate! 
      Nancy is someone I "met" online in one of the groups that I frequent. Our connection began when she put out a call for a few book reviewers for an upcoming, Focus on the Family book. I reviewed  the book and later found my name in the credits. Soon after, I received a PDF file of another book in the series. I couldn't put either of them down. Two kids, an inventive neighbor, a time machine = being put right in the middle of famous historic events. Who were the famous people of the time? What was a kid's role during the period? Could they be in harm's way? All this goose bumpy adventure and real historical facts are included in each page turner, page turner, page turner book!!! As I posted in my review, I feel that these books are perfect for the home schooled or private school students, to learn about our country's beginning.
...and that was the beginning of my online relationship with Nancy. 
   So while reading and reviewing the books, I found a golden nugget as Kristen McGill Fulton, calls them. (I'll save her for another post) 
    My curiosity led me to inquire if my nugget was real or just a fictitious character that Nancy added for excitement. Turns out, the character was real, and has a story that I felt compelled to write. I contacted Nancy with my idea and wondered how she'd feel about it. In what I've come to know and feel about Nancy, she responded with all good wishes for my picture book venture and even gave me places to go to go to search for and find find more biographical information.
    Nancy is a prolific author, a generous teacher, a gracious mentor. She offers so much on her website to help others along on their writing journeys. While looking around her website, you'll find and can sign up for  Blogzone. Check it out for practical and helpful writing tips.
   This wasn't what I'd planned to write, but one thing led to another, and they all lead to the amazing author, Nancy I Sanders.

  Now I feel compelled to introduce you to some of the many other children's writers friends, I've met online. 
   Stay tuned. Another day, another post.


 One more thing I'd like to share is this list of the top 10 favorites of the Schneider Awards.  Some older awards, some brand new. I'll tell you, that Cynthia Lord's Rules never gets old. See it and others on this list. 



  1. Dear Mona,
    How exciting that you and Nancy met online and that through reviewing books for her you were inspired to write a picture book of your very own.

    Go, Mona, Go.

    You are delightful. I know your book is delightful, too.

    Never Give Up

    1. mmmmm...I don't know about delightful, but thanks, Joan.

  2. Dear Mona, wow! What an awesome journey this has been to connect together and then to know your idea for your new story has been born. Thanks for the great post...thanks for all you're a gem! Best wishes on your writing journey.

  3. Nancy, You just keep giving. I hope your website gets lots of hits from my post. Writers will be amazed with the gifts you have for them. Thank you.

  4. We received those 4 books, too! And my son read the Redcoats book. We love Nancy's books!

  5. I love Nancy's books too. I love Nancy!!! (though we've never met in person!) She is such an inspiration.