Monday, May 19, 2014

Introducing a Children's Author Friend

   Two things I truly believe in.... Education and Friendships.
   That brings me right to the community of children's writers. They are the most sharing, caring people I know. I beg to disagree with those that feel that they're alone when it comes to the business of writing. True, you are alone while drafting "your" tale. It's something you can't share when it's germinating or bursting from your mind and fingers. But, when your bud is blossomed, or even before that, when the seed is planted, you can recruit a friend(s) to "listen"and critique, or give you ideas to enhance your manuscript.
   Sometimes you need a bit more education. Even if you're a well published author, we're never too smart or old to learn, right?
   For my next several posts, I'll introduce you to some of my friends, mentors and teachers, each with lots to share.
   I met Nancy I Sanders online when she put out a request for a few reviewers of a new book that was ready for publication. Little did I know what luck it was that I answered her call. I received my copy, read it, reviewed it, and lent it to another friend. So what was some of the luck in all this? Well, one thing that happened is that I found a new character, amongst the pages. I didn't know him before, but have researched an have grown fond of this respected person of the Revolutionary War era. I've written his story, in my words, in picture book form. So, these gems, Nancy and the NF character, came to me quite by accident.
     Now, back to Nancy. I've linked her website to her name, but will tell you the things I know about her:
   She's a Christian writer
   a prolific author
   a researcher
   a teacher
   generous sharer of her knowledge
   has a positive, you can do it, attitude
   has an amazingly helpful website and blog
   ............ with lots of FREE handouts, worksheets, publishing information and classes
    Each day last week, Nancy posted an entry, with a map, on how to write a non fiction picture book in one week. Coming soon, she's going to be posting a revision workshop to help polish the NF manuscript.
   I look forward to her Blog post every day and truly feel privileged to have met Nancy I Sanders online.
   Would you like to meet her too. Look around her website, then sign up for Blogzone.

PS  I didn't want to interrupt your reading by posting pictures in the middle, so here are a few of Nancy's books I told you about.
         This is the first of the Historical chapter books I read and reviewed, even though it says 13!\. It's a Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey book published by Tyndale House Publishers. The story unfolds when cousins, Beth and Patrick, climb into the imagination station machine and are taken back into to the Revolutionary War days to become characters in the adventure. Love it and can't wait to read it to "my" school kids when classes start again in the fall.

     This book is a little devotional for us, the Scribes. That's all I have to say about this book. If you are a scribe, you might find it helpful when you sit to type. I have it here beside me and open it randomly when the mood hits. You can find this on Nancy's site.

   Grab a cup of tea, relax and find Nancy's website. There's a lot to read. Enjoy! but don't hold your breath until my next post about another writer "friend"!!!



  1. Interesting person! I'll have to spend some time on her website. Thanks

  2. Dear Mona, how sweet of you to post this today. I consider it a treasure to connect with YOU!!!! Isn't God good?!!!!

  3. Great post, Mona. Nancy has been my mentor, taught me how to write for children. I'm glad you discovered her, too!