Sunday, March 2, 2014

Writing, Life and Good Stuff

This has been an exciting month in my (and friends') world of writing.

I'll start this as a first off, and a last off!!! I was fortunate enough to be in on the inaugural class for non-fiction writers, by Kristen Fulton. Click on the link to find out about it and possibly be in on the class that's starting tomorrow. You'll have to look at her outline of the class, because I can't begin to tell you how much she has to offer. I can tell you that I printed off each lesson, did my homework, and listened to her dynamic webinars. Kristen offers tips and quips and a lesson each day for a month. My notebook is full, and...I have a completed non-fiction picture book manuscript and another one started.

Then, I subbed a story to RYS for a critique. I love Rate Your Story It's a great place to go for a professional critique. They had a membership drive this year,...but I didn't sign up. Truthfully, I have to pick and choose where I'm spending my money. However, and this is a big however, they are generous. I wanted to post this yesterday, but for some reason, there was a widespread internet shutdown. Here's something RYS offers to everyone, an open sub day. (which was yesterday) Look for the next one on April 1st. Will someone please tell me how to download the images that go with the sites I talk about. The nonfiction one was easy, the others, not so.

Time to do my cheerleading routine!!! Picture this-oh never mind, I just crashe!!! I'll just shout it out.... My sweet friend, Cynthia Lord launched a new book baby this week- Half a Chance. By clicking on this link, you be taken to a review done by one of Cindy's favorite booksellers. I think you'll see a picture of the cover too. One of our friend's , Laura Hamor, said it so nicely about Cindy and her writing. I hope you don't mind if I quote you without asking, Laura, but you know me, I won't get this posted if I keep dilly dallying
"The wonderful thing about reading the books that my friends write is that I can HEAR them, it is as if they are reading to me. I recognize them in their characters and their voice always shines through. I couldn't love HALF A CHANCE by Cynthia Lord more."
   I couldn't day it any better. Cindy has the sweetest heart and it all pours out when she speaks or reads or writes. Congratulations, Cindy, for your new book and congratulations to us for sharing a big part of you.

Okay, so I've screwed things around again! This photo of Cindy and Elise (of course I got her eating), our blueberry queen at the Maine Blueberry Festival, better know as Union Fair, around here. Cindy and I drove from Tammy's book signing to the fair. I went to watch the pageant because our sweet Elise was one of the princesses (she won!) and Cindy wanted to research for yet another book!

Another big shout out to our friend, Tamra Wight- I copied this too, but writers, teachers, librarians, this is big time, huh!

Great news in the mail today, Cooper & Packrat: Mystery on Pine Lake was awarded the "Junior Library Guild Selection" for Spring 2014! — with Tamra Wight and Melissa Kim.
This was at Tammy's book launch at her campground. I, and a few others, have heard this story since the beginning and now we're going on a wonderful journey with our friend. My Maine friends are on a roll-so honored to have both of you as friends and schmooze and retreat buddies.

The very smart editor, Emma Dryden , made and offer this week, that I took advantage of. For just a few days, she gave away a few pages of Finding Your Voice Exercises & Character Interview Questionnaire.  Believe me, it isn't one of those interview, talk to, lined sheets. I can't believe the exercises included. A generous give away. I hope some of you took her up on it.

Have all but one critique done until next week. Learned another new word. I have my books chosen to read for Dr.Seuss read around day at Jefferson Village School tomorrow. My suitcase is packed. Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm going to FL for a week with the "girls"-sister-in-law, Sherry and her sisters. My husband stays home and keeps the home fires burning.

I posted this moon/star photo the other below zero morning and the haiku to go with it-

First one up kindles
Smoke puffs high to moon and star
Frigid winter morn



my friend Mary Marotta sent me this:

Venus has returned to the early morning sky, establishing itself as a dazzling morning lantern.

The planet is emerging into view from beyond the east-southeast horizon soon after 4:00 a.m. local standard time, rising in total darkness, about an hour before the first glimmer of dawn. Venus currently blazes at an awesome brightness of magnitude negative 4.6 and is near the greatest altitude it will achieve for viewers, around 40 degrees north latitude. 

So I had to change it up a bit because I didn't know that bright star was Venus. 

Cold winter morning
Mars and waning crescent moon
Have a morning date

Loving life, every moment, every day!


  1. Wow, you're so busy with your writing, Mona. It was great being in class with you. I just loved your story! Let us know when an editor/agent accepts it! Have a fun time in FL!

  2. Thanks Tina. I enjoyed your blog post too, and being in class with you. Oh yeah, I'll let you know!!!!!!!!