Monday, November 18, 2013


     One week I say I’m not going to write anymore blog journals, and I stick to it for a while, as you can see. Well, it's been since August 19th...Yikes!!! Facebook is a blabber tool and I get to post and see others photos, so what more do I want to do, except when my friend Gail says she misses my blog postings. So, here I go again!
     Shrek the Musical was on my “social” schedule for the last 2 week-ends: opening night and closing. Yes, there is a difference. Personalities are much more developed by the end. They just don’t care!!! My friend Val introduced me to Shrek, a few years ago, in NYC.
 The kids, staff and techies took me back, at Camden Hills Regional High School, Camden, Maine. I can’t tell you how funny and professional that show was. The 2 grandkids were involved. Tori defined herself as “vermin”, having been a tap dancing rat, and one of the 3 Blind Mice...she was a Townsperson and Duloc dancer too.
      #1 Grandson worked the lights-left spot to be exact. He jokingly said, during the week, that the performers get flowers but the techies get nothing. So I picked him up flowers on the way. Ummmmm, except I substituted for beef jerky!!! It’s the boy thing, the girl is a vegetarian!

     Ms Zumba Queen here has taken a different road. When our class was moved to a different venue further away, my friend and I shopped around a bit. We ended up trying one of the local Ys- Waldo County in Belfast. When I say local, you know I mean about twenty miles from here. One of my daughters told me to commit to one class so I wouldn’t give up. So, that started out being Zumba, but that didn’t last so long because I was dropping Marissa off in one town and going in a different direction to the Y. So, decided to mix up the days. Now I get to do a water exercise class before going to Dynamic Definition! Doesn’t that sound impressive?!?!?!? Believe me, it is, even though the impression might not always be positive! Now friends, when you see me, I’m not sure that you’ll notice the new dynamically defined me. I’ll tell you though, I always feel defined the day after. Youch! Kathy, Sherry and I take turns driving, and gas is going down, so it’s all a good thing
      My writing brain has come out of the slag it had been in. I’ve had a few different things going on there. I won a critique from Joan Y Edwards who writes an encouraging blog, Never Give Up. Of course being the person that I am, I lost her e-mail address for a bit! 
     I also had the privilege to read and review an up and coming middle grade historical novel written by Nancy I Sanders, titled THE REDCOATS ARE COMING. It’s a Focus on the Family, Imagination Station book to be released in about January. Can’t wait to get my copy so I can read it to “my” school kids I volunteer with. I only go to South Liberty Christian Academy once every three weeks to read and do crafts, but the kids seem to love it. I’m still reading Tamra Wight’s, Cooper and Packrat-MYSTERY ON PINE LAKE. They always beg me to squeeze in “one more chapter” because Tami has a way of keeping them hanging, wanting to know what’s going to happen next. We’ve been talking about being thankful as we do the crafts. I’m thankful that I can read and craft with them. Can’t wait to get over there this week and share my flower design skills so they can create in the containers they made last time....and continue reading. This is Tamra at her own campground.
     A funny writing related thing happened at Shrek. I was sitting next to a little boy, maybe seven years old. He held his program to the kids in the row in front of him (cousins I guessed) and said, “That ‘paragraph’ doesn’t make much sense.”  They didn’t seem to care so I asked what he could read. The usual answer, “Chapter books!” Sometimes when I ask my next question, “What have you read?” they have no answer. This little guy said, “Juni B” (ironically was sorry to read, just today, that the creator, Barbara Park, died).
     Then I asked, “Can you read this?”
He laughed his little head off at the ad my daughter put in the program- Break a leg, Tori! That caught the attention of the kids in the row in front too!!! Anyway, should we be writing funny chapter books for those, oh so sweet, first and second grade sponges, that are so eager?

     It’s BiPoIdMo month and I’m on a roll with that. It means write a picture book idea every day for a month. Thank you Tara Lazar for starting this and for keeping us going with all your guest bloggers and quotes. It really is amazing how we all think so differently but how those ideas sometimes act as prompts for our own stories. 
      I have written a new picture book to be sent off to my critique partners and have gotten well into a new middle grade. Poor, almost finished, Amethyst sits patiently waiting for me to get back to her story that is near end. She may not be that patient, because, all of a sudden, I hear her  ... “I’m right here.” 
           “Wait your turn, Amethyst.”
            “But I was first,” she cries out!
             "Okay, okay, okay....just a little longer!
             “Right!” she says. “Promises, promises.”
     I’ll try to ignore for now though Amethyst knows I’m a procrastinator.
     As usual, the sky, especially the moon, has me under its spell. Loving life and the surprises each day brings. 

     Until next time...

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  1. Mona, I always love hearing what you're up to. xoxo
    What a beautiful moon photo. I can never gaze up at a full moon without thinking of you!